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Entrepreneurship Centre, HKUST

Web-based 3D Engine Developers


Develop a next-generation realtime web-based rendering and interactive engine for large scale 3D models. The scale of the data will eventually grow to a global scale. It is very challenging to develop a realtime web-based platform that is lightning fast. Moreover, on such a 3D platform, the common ways of information visualisation on 2D maps no longer work well. Hence, we are looking for an elegant and effective way to present the information and allow users to discover information.

Intern Requirements:

Experience on Javascript and Computer Graphics

Full-time Employee Requirements:
  • Fascinated on 3D graphics technology.
  • Solid understanding and experience on 3D rendering pipeline, level-of-details, 3D interaction, and 3D scene graph.
  • Basic understanding on web developments and database.
Skill sets:

C++, OpenGL, WebGL, Javascript, and HTML5

Frontend Developers


Develop web and mobile apps with immersive and engaging experiences for 3D content browsing and interaction. The goal is not only to make users reconstruct 3D models with UAV more easily, but also to encourage users to explore more 3D contents and interact with other users.

Intern Requirements:

Experience on Javascript and HTM5/CSS

Full-time Employee Requirements:
  • Solid skills in writing responsive web/mobile app using Javascript and HTML5/CSS.
  • A good taste on design and capable of assembling UIs with popular UI templates and libraries.
  • Deep thinking on the user experience in mobile and 3D content.
  • Experience in implementing the front-end as a MVC pattern on server side using any web framework (e.g. Node.js).
  • Good communication with designers to convert a graphic design into UI implementation.
The following skills will be a plus:
  • Experience with / Interest in visualization.
  • Experience with / Interest in HCI.
  • Experience with React.js.
  • Capable of using some design tools, e.g. photoshop, illustrator, to modify graphic elements.
Skill sets:

Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Photoshop (Or any other design app), and Node.js (or any other web framework)

Backend Developers


Design and develop the back-end database and infrastructure to support the workflow of 3D reconstruction and user interaction, including user authentication, socialized features, load balancing, content recommendation and so on.

Intern Requirements:

Experience on backend programming (Node.js, Python, PHP, Go…)

Full-time Employee Requirements:
  • Excellent backend programming skills using JavaScript.
  • Proven Node.js programming skills, knows how to scale huge Node.js setups.
  • RESTful web services, service-oriented architectures.
The following skills will be a plus:
  • Experience with / Interest in machine learning and data mining algorithms.
  • Experience with large scale solutions, e.g. distributed system, load balancing, failover cluster, will be a big plus.
  • SQL and NoSQL expert.
  • Experience/Interest in location based services.
Skill sets:

Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Node.js (or any other web framework), MongoDB, and C++.